Terrence L. Jungel
Executive Director

The Office of Sheriff is the only law enforcement office directly accountable to the people; the ultimate authority in a democracy.

The responsibility of the people does not end once they have elected a Sheriff to office. The resources needed by the Sheriffs of Michigan also come from the citizens of Michigan.

Your support for local law enforcement is vital for the continuing development and effectiveness of your county Sheriff's Office. I do hope you will contribute by becoming a member of the Michigan Sheriffs' Association. Together, we can make a difference.

Terrence L. Jungel, MSA Executive Director

Terrence L. Jungel was appointed Executive Director in December 1997, and officially began his duties on January 19, 1998.

Mr. Jungel spent the first 25 years of his career serving the citizens of Ionia County, starting as a deputy assigned to the jail. He worked his way up to sergeant and was a road patrol officer, when in 1984, he decided to run for the top position. He then served as Sheriff for the next 13 years. As testament to Jungel’s leadership ability, he ran unopposed in each of the three subsequent elections.  Mr. Jungel also is a graduate of the FBI Academy in  Quantico, Virginia.

Mr. Jungel has been active with the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association since he was first elected Sheriff, and has held many leadership positions, including chairmanship of the Traffic Safety/Secondary Road Patrol Committee, as a member of the Michigan Law Enforcement Officer Training Council (a gubernatorial appointment), and as a board member and eventually President of the Michigan Sheriffs' Association in 1995-96.

As Executive Director, Jungel is responsible for the day to day operation of the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association, as well as maintaining working relationships with the legislature and various state departments.